Argentine Cooking Classes for Tourists

In the neighborhood of Chacarita, Buenos Aires, Azaí is a loft-type  space especially designed for cooking and having a good time.

We have a professional, state of the art kitchen in which twelve people can comfortably cook simultaneously. You only need to bring a willingness to learn and have fun, we will provide all the rest, from  cookware to aprons.

So as to ensure that the cooking process is experienced to the fullest, classes are interactive and the idea is for attendants to participate, but you can choose not to if you would rather relax and observe.

At the end of each class we share the table to have a degustation of the dishes previously cooked  accompanied by a glass of Argentine wine.

The menu:

  • Chipas (yucca root starch cheese bread)
  • Empanadas de carne y humita (sweet corn and meat hand pies).
  • Carbonada (typical argentine stew)
  • Panqueques de dulce de leche (Caramel flat pancakes) 

Duration: approximately 2:30 hours
Where are we: click here

The classes may be in Spanish, English or Portuguese

Chefs: Marcelo Kulish y Alicia Bersi



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